10 Ways to Unleash Your Inner Manager

10 Ways to Unleash Your Inner Manager

Becoming a great leader takes time.

Unfortunately, there’s no shortcut that will transform you without any effort on your part.

However, you can learn from others and focus on making small targeted improvements in your management style. In this article, we’ve collected ten articles that can help you grow as a leader.

10 Ways to Unleash Your Inner Manager

  1. Exceptional Bosses Give Employees These Things – Good bosses have strong organizational skills, solid decision-making skills, and they get important things done. Exceptional bosses do all of these — and more.
  2. The 5 Qualities of Successful Young Leaders – Disregard leadership as a goal but a learning journey.
  3. Why Do People Cry at Work? – A formidable manager, organisational culture and differences, and personal life intersecting with professional life reduce employees to tears.
  4. How Unseen Leaders Can Succeed in a Corporate EnvironmentInvisible leaders are capable, confident and natural coaches who see potential and possibilities in those they lead and are willing to lead from the back.
  5. Leaders: Do These 3 Simple Things to Make Every Interaction Count – Advice for leaders: Listen, Frame and Advance.
  6. Firing Someone the Right Way – Firing someone not only affects a person’s career, self-esteem and livelihood, but also affects the team. If you have to fire someone, do it the right way.
  7. Disengaged Employees: What Are They Really Thinking? – Keeping employees engaged means they will stay longer, be more productive, and increase your base of satisfied customers
  8. 4 Questions to Ask your Team Members Today – Become a great manager by asking the right questions.
  9. The Best Leaders are Constant Leaders – Leaders should have the heart of learning to adapt and change with the times.
  10. How to Manage a Brilliant but Difficult Team Member – Understanding and getting difficult team members to change is tough. Here’re some tips on how to manage them.


The takeaway? Don’t worry if you’re still growing as a leader, we all are! It’s perfectly okay to have areas for improvement, what matters is that you’re working on improving yourself.


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