Top Three Ways to Get Noticed on LinkedIn to Get a Job

Top Three Ways to Get Noticed on Linkedin to Get a Job

LinkedIn has become a very powerful tool for professionals – recruiters and candidates alike. It has empowered individuals to find new opportunities, and given organizations access to a seemingly endless pool of talent. For that reason, it is crucial to keep your LinkedIn profile updated. But what do you do then? How can you get your profile in front of the right people?

Here are three things you can try:

Top Three Ways to Get Noticed on LinkedIn to Get a Job

1) Share content as updates

Sharing useful content is one of the easiest ways to increase your visibility on LinkedIn. The content you share should be relevant for your connections. It could be a helpful cheat sheet from your company, an inspiring article from a business leader, or an anecdote from your personal career journey. LinkedIn’s algorithm will automatically determine who to share your update with, depending on a range of factors. Lastly: Remember, LinkedIn is a professional network. It’s generally unwise to post controversial or personal content.

2) Share your knowledge as posts

Although it takes quite a bit more effort, this is one of the most powerful ways to gain more visibility in your industry. Why? Because your existing connections are notified whenever you publish a post. Posts can be on almost any topic that’s relevant to your connections – from motivation to industry updates and news commentary. Remember that what you say reflects on you. Take an angle that will demonstrate your expertise. Generally it’s best to avoid inappropriate language, overt arrogance, or controversial topics.

3) Find, join, and participate in professional groups

Being a group member can help you to identify new potential leads, connections, and job opportunities. Displaying your group membership on your profile communicates your interests and affiliations, helping others to understand you a little better. And, group discussions give you an opportunity to raise your profile to a targeted group. You should note though, that you are only allowed to join a maximum of 50 groups. Consider joining groups for your industry (and your prospects’), country or region specific groups, and persona-type groups (ie. groups for CIOs, CTOs, Entrepreneurs, etc.)

LinkedIn is a Fantastic Career Tool, Make the Most of It!

Apply these LinkedIn best practices and invest effort into your social media accounts. What are you waiting for? Get yourself out there!

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